Susanna Albertini (IT)

Initiator, main contact, European Bioeconomy Network EuBioNet

FVA New Media Design partner from 1995, she has integrated her specialization in Psychology of work and business organization with multimedia and ICT supported communication.

Since 2000 she is involved as project manager and researcher in projects funded by the European Commission as expert in game-based training, co-creation and creativity enabling factors, communication, impact and valorization of research results.
She has been selected by the European Commission as evaluator for Horizon 2020. Her main area of interest is sustainable circular bioeconomy, societal challenges with special focus on sustainable and inclusive growth.

Susanna Albertini is actually involved in several EU funded projects, supporting the promotion, awareness raising and communication of Bioeconomy (BIOVOICES, BIOBRIDGES, LIFT and BIOWAYS).

She is one of the promoters of the European Bioeconomy Network, an alliance of EU funded projects to support the Bioeconomy uptake. In the context of the Network and the BIOWAYS, BIOVOICES, LIFT and BIOBRIDGES projects, her company FVA is organizing events, workshops and awareness raising activities to promote bioeconomy and address challenges and opportunities, engaging the quadruple helix stakeholders in the domain.

FVA is the promoter of the Bioeconomy Village, an “hands-on” roadshow targeting large public and involving EU funded projects, researchers, industry and policy makers as testimonials. Last year the Bioeconomy Village involved around 40.000 participants in Europe.