Michal Feik (SK)

Director of the Office 's Communications Department, Bratislava self-governing region

Ing. Michal Feik, graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics of the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava.

After graduating from school, he did business in the field of information technology, later in the hotel and construction industry. In the period 2011-2014 he was an advisor to the mayor of Bratislava, in 2016-2019 he was in charge of communication at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Since November 2019, he has been the director of the Department of Communication and Promotion in the Bratislava Self-Governing Region. In addition to communication with the public and the media, he has long been involved in urban transport, especially with a focus on public and alternative transport.

He is studying for an external doctoral study at the Department of Transport Structures at SvF STU.