Gabor Kerpel-Fronius (HU)

Deputy Mayor of Budapest for Smart City and Participatory Democracy, Budapest

Mr. Kerpel-Fronius, 53, is the deputy mayor responsible for smart city issues and initiatives as well as civil engagement. He worked in the private sector for 25 years as owner of an IT company and as a project manager, up to the end of last summer. Member of the new progressive liberal Momentum Movement, he ran for the European Parlament as number 6 on the ticket in the 2019 elections. He was the Momentum candidate for Mayor of Budapest in the pre-elections of 2019.

One of his most important goals is to strengthen data-based decisioning and to improve the citizens’s lives with innovative and smart solutions. Another main goal of his activities is the enhancement of participatory decision-making, of which the freedom, reliability and accessibility of information is a prime condition.

In these aims he enjoys the unrelenting solidarity and support of the new leadership of Budapest.