Building an inteligent region – infrastructure with interconnected rail of V4 (V4 countries expressway)

Aug 25, 2020



90 min.

Thesis offered

  1. Other countries are ahead in the matter of readiness. How is Slovakia doing?
  2. Which benefits can the expressway bring for Slovakia (or the region V4)?
  3. Rail transport as the future for ecological and clean Europe
  4. What are the sources that would finance the project of the great international sense?
  5. Identification of the interborder connection of SVK-HU part
  • John Siraut (UK)


    Economics & Global Technology Lead Transport Economics

  • Andrew Mcnaughton (UK)

    UIC Intercity & High Speed Committee


  • Miroslav Garaj (SK)

    Strategy and External Relations Department

    Railways of Slovak republic

  • Radek Čech (CZ)

    Director of the International Relations Department

    Railway Administration of the Czech Republic

  • Karol Martinček (SK)

    Deputy Chairman of the Board and Director of Sales


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